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Complaints Policy and Procedure

ATOP LTD is committed to providing a professional and efficient service.  In accordance with our aim to provide a high level of service we take any complaints seriously.  All complaints are logged and monitored so that we can learn from feedback.  We will endeavour to enable a full investigation to take place using the three-step process below:


  • To inform Clients on systems for feedback.
  • To ensure the process is straightforward
  • To ensure all complaints are taken seriously and dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • To keep Clients informed of progress.

There are three stages to the Complaints procedure:

STAGE 1 Immediately If you wish to complain or have a grievance regarding any aspect of the service received you can do this by speaking directly to the team member concerned.
STAGE 2 Referral, Investigation & Reply If STAGE ONE response is unsatisfactory and resolution cannot be reached the next stage is for the Complaint to be referred in writing to the Assessment Service Manager at the Chester Centre address or by email  The Assessment Service Manager will make an immediate thorough investigation of the Complaint or grievance through reviewing relevant documentation and meeting separately with all parties concerned. You will receive a written response within 2 working days.
STAGE 3 Further Review If you still feel dissatisfied with the outcome to your complaint you can raise this further with your funding body. For the majority of students this will be the Student Loans Company (SLC) who can be contacted via the details below:
Telephone: 0300 100 0601
Address:  Customer Relations, Student Loans Company, 100 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7JD
Further details can be found on the Student Loans Company website:


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