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Equality and Diversity Policy

1. Introduction

  • ATOP LTD recognises a legal requirement to promote equality and fully endorses this through its equal opportunities policy. The aim is to ensure that ATOP LTD provides a fair and accessible environment free from discrimination. This document, which covers gender, disability and diversity for team members, clients and visitors will ensure that ATOP LTD maintains a commitment to equality and diversity in all areas.

2. Our Commitment

  • ATOP LTD will treat all team members, clients and visitors with respect and dignity, and seek to provide a positive working, assessment and training environment free from disability, gender and racial or religious discrimination, harassment or victimisation.
  • ATOP LTD will work towards the elimination of discrimination whether overt or covert, and will seek to ensure that individuals have equal access to facilities at ATOP LTD.

3. Definitions and scope

  • ATOP LTD recognises that discrimination can exist, and that no organisation is immune to it.
  • This guidance is intended to apply to all team members, clients and visitors of ATOP LTD.

4. Our Statutory Duties

4.1  Under the various Acts of parliament, ATOP LTD has a general duty to have due regard to the need to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • Promote equality of opportunity
  • Promote good relations between people from different groups.

4.2  It also has a specific duty to:

  • Prepare and maintain a written policy

5. Meeting Our Duties

5.1  We will seek to ensure that:

  • Team members, clients and visitors of ATOP LTD are aware of our policy and the action needed for its implementation.
  • Team members, clients and visitors of ATOP LTD are aware of the value placed upon equal opportunity and that action will be taken in the event of any breach of the policy.

5.2  We will also ensure the ATOP LTD’s publicity materials present appropriate and positive messages.

6. Complaints

6.1  ATOP LTD will seek to provide a supportive environment for those who make claims of discrimination or harassment using ATOP LTD’s Complaints Policy and Procedure.

6.2  Acts of discrimination (direct or indirect), harassment, victimisation or abuse will be treated as a serious disciplinary offence. 

7. Review and Consultation

7.1  This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis in accordance with legislative developments and the need for good practice.

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