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The assessment is an informal meeting lasting around 1.5 to 2 hours. This may either be a face-to-face meeting or a remote meeting conducted via video or phone call, depending on student preference. Your assessment will take place with a member of our assessor team. This person will be a professional who will have specialist knowledge relevant to your disability or specific learning difficulty. You will be made to feel welcome and given the opportunity to take a break if needed. If you prefer to bring a friend, relative or advocate with you this is perfectly acceptable, this also applies to remote assessments.

The information you have provided before your assessment enables the assessor to conduct pre-assessment research and have some background information about you and your disability before meeting you. During the assessment your assessor will discuss how your disability impacts on study and demonstrate assistive hardware and software with an opportunity for you to trial any relevant products.

Your assessor will discuss current government policy and the different allowances within the DSA. For more information, please click here.

During the meeting the assessor will summarise the recommendations and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions. Don’t worry if you think of something after you have left the meeting, the assessor will provide you with a contact card. If you have attended a remote assessment and would like to ask any questions following this, you can contact us.

We want to make the experience as stress free as possible for you so please contact us if you would like further information about the meeting or if you have any questions about any of the stages involved in the process