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We offer DSA Needs Assessments for students with all disabilities, and/or specific learning difficulties at each of our DSA accredited assessment centres. Click here to find your nearest centre. You will need your DSA1 Eligibility Letter and a copy of your medical evidence or Educational Psychologist Report.

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Our team is always happy to help, and can be contacted to assist you at any stage of the booking process, via Livechat, email or phone.

Attend your Needs Assessment

This will be an informal meeting with a qualified professional who will have specialist knowledge relevant to your disability or specific learning difficulty. During the meeting you will discuss the impact your disability has on study. Click here to find out what happens on the day in more detail.

Await your Needs Assessment Report

Following your assessment the assessor will write a report outlining your needs.  It will contain all of the recommendations/resources discussed and outline how they will support you. You will receive a copy of your Needs Assessment Report within a maximum of 10 working days from your assessment date.

Receive your support

After processing your report, your funding body will send you a DSA2 Entitlement Letter confirming which recommendations have been approved and provide instructions on how to put the support into place. This will be within 15 working days after you receive your final report from ATOP Ltd. The selected suppliers will require a copy of the DSA2 letter from you before arranging to provide you with your equipment or support.

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