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Getting your Medical Evidence

In order to qualify for the Disabled Students’ Allowances you MUST provide medical evidence of your disability.

Click here to download a form relevant to a mental health condition and here to download a form relevant to other disabilities or long-term health conditions.

If you have a specific learning difficulty, for example dyslexia, you will need to provide a photocopy of a ‘diagnostic assessment report’’ from a practitioner psychologist or suitably qualified specialist teacher.

The DSA cannot provide funding for diagnostic reports or any other costs incurred whilst obtaining medical evidence.

For further information on eligibility for DSA’s please follow this link:

Applying for DSA

The DSA Application process can be found here

Please note: The application process varies from each funding body, so please apply early.

Book your Study Needs Assessment appointment

If you are eligible to receive DSA funding, your funding body will issue you with a DSA 1 eligibility letter. The letter will advise you to contact a DSA accredited centre, such as ATOP Ltd, to arrange a Study Needs Assessment.

ATOP Ltd offer appointments for students with all disabilities, and/or specific learning difficulties within 3 working day of contacting us. Click here for current waiting times. 

You will be able to make an appointment at any of our DSA accredited centres. Please see our full list of assessment centres to find a location that is most convenient for you.

The cost of the assessment is £660.00 (plus VAT) – This cost will be covered by your funder – you do not have to pay this fee yourself. The assessment fee is fully inclusive of the service that ATOP Ltd provides throughout a student’s course. You will be invited to evaluate the assessment experience twice; firstly six months after your assessment date and then six months prior to completion of your course. This cost will be covered by your funder – you do not have to pay this fee yourself.

We have made it easy to complete the booking process online. Our admin team are always happy to help and can be contacted to assist you at any stage of the booking process by livechat, phone or email.

Attend your Needs Assessment appointment

After booking your DSA Study Needs Assessment, you will attend your appointment. The assessment is an informal meeting with a professional assessor who will have specialist knowledge of your specific learning difficulty or disability. If you prefer you can bring a friend, advocate or relative to the meeting.

The meeting will last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, in which time your assessor will consider your disability and learning needs in accordance with current DfE Policy and Guidance.

Please click here to find out what happens on the day in more detail.

The DSA Needs Assessment Report

Within 5 working days of attending for your assessment, the assessor will write a report outlining your needs.  It will detail the recommendations/resources that were discussed at the assessment meeting and explain how they will support you. All reports are validated by our quality assurance team before they are sent out. Click here for more information.

Please click here for post assessment information.

Receiving Your Support

After processing your report, your funding body will send you a DSA2 Entitlement Letter. This letter will provide information on what equipment and support has been agreed and what to do next.  You usually receive the DSA2 letter within 15 working days of receiving your final assessment of need report from ATOP Ltd.

You will need the DSA2 letter to arrange any equipment or support that has been agreed.

If you have any questions at any stage of the process, you can get in touch with us in a number of ways.

Start your booking

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